Rail Depot Equipment

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Water Treatment



Train Wash Plants

Aquafrisch develops efficient washing plants adapted to the particular specifications of each client. Our plants include all the necessary adaptations as much for the location as for the type of trains and the washing programs. In addition, we have the most advanced control systems on the market. We develop programs of easy learning, with the possibility of Internet connection and centralized control systems (SCADA, CBTC, MMS, or similar)


Bogie Wash Plants

Our bogie washing equipment includes features similar to the train wash plants. Outdoor, indoors and with different degrees of automation.  

Train Toilet Extraction (CET)

WC extraction equipment is designed to enable simple, fast and safe drains. In addition, equipment for cleaning and loading biocides can be designed

Sand Dispensers

Automated systems have been developed in order to allow a single operator to fill sand deposits through nozzles. The sand is stored in a silo and dispensed either directly into the tank through a fixed installation or with a mobile filling vehicle.

Train watertightness facilities.

This equipment allows testing the watertightness of the cars. The installation is programmed according to the corresponding protocol of the car to be tested. Such programming includes parameters such as water pressure, flow rate, the speed at which the gate is moved and the number of cycles to be performed.

Water recycling equipment

Water recycling equipment is included in our Train Wash Plants, on the one hand, to reduce water consumption, and on the other hand, to pour effluents according to the standards of environmental regulations.

Distribution of equipment

Calipri wheelset safety

Aquafrisch is the official distributor in Spain of the measuring equipment CALIPRI. The CALIPRI measuring equipment for rolling parameters is based on a laser system (class 2) that allows a measurement without physical contact.