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Recycling Water



Drinking Water Plants

Numerous water facilities in our homes and businesses, as well as in municipalities have problems with natural salts and organic substances, particles and gases that can be found in groundwater. We offer complete solutions for drinking water supplies oriented to both small and large flows, as well as in public and private institutions.

Compact System for Reuse and / or Effluent Discharge

COMPACT System MBR-UV allows the reuse of 95% - 98% of the treated water or its final discharge with a high water quality..


Urban and Industrial Wastewater

Wastewater requires specific treatment whether it comes from industrial, domestic or agricultural use. The analysis of its components can reveal pollutants that make it impossible to refer to the public sanitation network and therefore require special treatment prior to their discharge. Aquafrisch is a highly experienced company in the treatment and purification of wastewater . We offer specific solutions that incorporate physical, chemical and / or biological processes for both small and large flows.


Process Water Plants by Eurowater

AQUAFRISCH counts on the best European commercial partner in last technology equipment of water treatment. This allows us to distribute products with high quality standards.


Compact Emergency Plants

Compact plants installed in 20 or 40 feet containers, trailer or rack to produce water in emergencies or temporary needs.